Invited Speakers

Plenary Session

Prof. dr. László T. Kóczy
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Presentation theme: Sustainable Transport by Optimal Routing in Complex Delivery Tasks

Prof. dr. Karlheinz Knickel
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Presentation theme: Creating a Knowledge-based Bio-economy that Increases Well-being in Rural Areas: the Need for a Transdisciplinary Research Approach

Assoc. prof. dr. Jiří Mašek

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Presentation theme: Agriculture 4.0 in role of supporting platform for Bioeconomy and Precision Farming

Prof. dr. Quirijn de Jong van Lier 

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Presentation theme: Using soil physical data and modelling to assess soil quality and water use in agriculture under climate change scenarios

Dr. Gediminas Jasinevičius

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Presentation theme: Wood use to mitigate climate change and support bioeconomy (carbon storage in wood products and biochar)

Assoc. prof. dr. Davide Rizzo

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Presentation theme: Mastering agritech again: could the training of intermediate players ease the deployment of precision agriculture?

Business and Science Forum

Prof. dr. Vilma Atkočiūnienė

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Jurgita Ribinskaitė-Glatzer

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Prof. dr. Talis Tisenkopfs 

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Virginija Kargytė, Manager of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Project “Unlocking the Potential of Bio-based Value Chains in the Baltic Sea Region” (BalticBiomass4Value).

Dovilė Zdanavičienė, Head of the Climate Change Management Policy Group at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania

Zigmas Medingis, Counsellor of the Division of Crop Production and Agri-Environment at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

Kęstutis Juščius, CEO and the main stakeholder of the AUGA group, which is one of the largest groups of companies in the Baltic region managing agricultural companies and implementing socially and environmentally sustainable eco-business model

Tomas Andrejauskas, Founding Partner of SatiMed, the company researching, developing and manufacturing phytocannabinoid-based medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic products; and Vice President of the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association

Dr. Monika Kavaliauskė, CEO of CasZyme, the startup company aiming to develop new discoveries, innovative applications and top-quality research in the field of CRISPR based Molecular Tools and to support researchers and companies practicing gene-editing worldwide

Dr. Per Møller, Head of Symbiosis Center Denmark, which is a national knowledge center working to identify and facilitate industrial symbiosis projects between public and private industrial partners and, thus, to enable the use of residues from one company as a resource in another for the producion of valuable materials and energy

Meeting with Editorial Board members

Prof. dr. Maryna Z. Solesvik

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Assoc. prof. dr. Marek Szarucki

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Assoc. prof. dr.Włodzimierz Sroka

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