Invited Speakers

Prof. dr. László T. Kóczy
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Presentation theme: Sustainable Transport by Optimal Routing in Complex Delivery Tasks

Prof. dr. Karlheinz Knickel
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Presentation theme: Creating a Knowledge-based Bio-economy that Increases Well-being in Rural Areas: the Need for a Transdisciplinary Research Approach

Assoc. prof. dr. Jiří Mašek

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Presentation theme: Agriculture 4.0 in role of supporting platform for Bioeconomy and Precision Farming

Prof. dr. Quirijn de Jong van Lier 

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Presentation theme: Using soil physical data and modelling to assess soil quality and water use in agriculture under climate change scenarios

Dr. Gediminas Jasinevičius

Presentation theme: Wood use to mitigate climate change and support bioeconomy

Prof. dr. Maryna Z. Solesvik

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