State information


Lithuanian currency is Euro. There are than 100 Cash maschines in the city. You can find ATM for Visa (Visa Electron), Mastercard (Maestro) of SEB bank in ASU (3rd building, University 10) or in city center (Donelaicio 62, Laisves 11, 60, 82, 102, Vytautas 32 a.o.); of Swedbank (Akropolis, Laives 79 a.o.). Several currency exchange operate in Downtown – Laisves Avenue.
It is possible to pay with credit and debit cards in the restaurants, bars and main shops.


Lithuania’s countre code is 370. In order to call Kaunas from abroad, dial your international access code, followed by Lithuanian country code 370, Kaunas city code 37 and the number.
Calling to and from mobile phone: +370 followed by mobile phone number (starting with 6). Calling from Lithuania:
to other cities inside Lithuania: dial 8 37 (for Kaunas) or 85 (for Vilnius) and then the number;
to other country – international access code 00, code of the country, code of the city and the number.

Food and drinks

Eating in Kaunas is a great pleasure. It seems that every entrepreneur has decided to make his or her mark with a restaurant. Fantastic design and interesting national meals served by friendly service are waiting for you in Kaunas restaurant. There are several kinds of restaurant, offering food from various kitchen (Lithuanian, European, Italian, French, Spanish, American, Chinese, Arabian, Caucasian) and different styles (fun & funky – something between a restaurant, bar and a club; cafes for casual lunch, light dinner or quick coffee and pastry; pizzerias, fast food, canteens, home delivery, beer and wine bars and so on). In the city center you can find a lot of them, especially in very popular pedestrian zone – Laisves Avenue.


Climate in Lithuania is maritime /continental. On average each year Kaunas has 1 900 hours sunshine, total precipitation of 625 mm and humidity of 80 %. Temperature in Kaunas: annual average temperature: + 6.9 oC; maximum high: + 30 oC; Maximum low: -28 oC; average monthly temperatures: in January -4.5 oC , in July + 18 oC, in October +6 oC. Snow occurs every year, it can be snowing from October to April. In some years sleet can fall in September or May. The growing season lasts 202 days in the western part of the country and 169 days in the eastern part.