Topic 1. Agro-innovations and Food Technologies 

  1. Quality of Food Raw Materials
  2. Plant Growth Optimization for Sustainable Crop Production
  3. Integration of Environmentally Friendly Products into Farming System

Topic 2.  Biosystems Engineering and Environment Integrity 

  1. Agricultural Machinery and Technologies
  2. Durability of Engineering Structures and Sustainable Construction
  3. Energy Processes in Biotechnologies
  4. Land Use Planning and Advanced Geomatics
  5. Power and Transport Machines
  6. Reliability of Mechanical Systems
  7. Renewable Energetics
  8. Safety of Environment and Technologies
  9. Sustainable Animal Husbandry
  10. Sustainable Management of Water Resources

Topic 3. Multifunctional Approach for Sustainable Use of Bio-Resources

  1. Biodiversity and Sustainability of Ecosystems
  2. Monitoring and Management of Environment Quality
  3. Inventory, Management and Productivity of Forest Resources
  4. Management and Conservation of Wildlife Resources
  5. Forest Ecosystem Services
  6. Aqua Farming – Techniques and Methods

Topic 4. Social Research for Sustainable Bioeconomy and Climate Change

  1. Rethinking Agricultural and Rural Development Policies and Institutional Frameworks
  2. Social Innovations for Greening the Economy
  3. Smart Villages: Alternative Models for Development of Rural Areas
  4. Trends of Market Development and Challenges for Bio-Based Products in Sustainable Value Chains
  5. Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems Development

Keywords: Innovations, Integrity, Bio-resources, Well-being.